Scarlett Erotic Photography is looking for a few cover models.  Please contact Chad or Raine to set up a consultation.  You will have total control over the photos chosen to be on the ad homepage and open galleries.  You will still have full access to your private gallery, and able to use the photos for your personal use.  

Please fill out form below to set up your free consultation.

Erotic Photographers in Colorado Springs and Denver

Come join Chad and Raine for a relaxed and sensual photo shoot.  We want the pictures to represent your unique personality, and let you be the shining star.  The raw photos will be yours to choose from, and custom edits on your favorite photos will be available.

Looking to boost your website or update your ads, we can help make you stand out above the rest.

Galleries are 100% private, and will not be shared for any purpose without your consent.  You will be given a secure logon to the clients only website, to view and choose all pictures.  Edited and watermarked photos will be easily downloaded to your computer.  The watermark will be personalized with your information.

About Us

Chad is a published author and photographer with over twenty years experience.

Raine is a photographer and life long model, and will give that sensual feminine touch to each photo.

[email protected] or 719-766-7379


Always Lovely in Black and White

Below The Surface

A Little Variety

Cover Model

Soft and Sensual


What We Do

We are “mobile photographers” who will come to your location, we love working in nice hotel rooms, or outdoors.  We prefer that you do your own makeup and hair, because that’s a very natural and representative look.  When you choose us for your photo shoot:

  • We will work with you to set up a location, time, and ideas for the shoot.
  • We will take a lot of raw pictures, in the time we have.
  • After the shoot, we will do a first pass and pick out the best photos, and put them up on our client portal for you to look at.
  • We will note the pictures we think have the best potential to be incredible!
  • After you chose your selection of pictures, we will perform final edits on them, and upload to your final client album for you to download and use.


Our Photo Package

Our standard package covers approximately two hours of taking photographs.  However, even more time is spent afterwards going through all the images, selecting the best, doing basic cropping, cleanup, color correction, and uploading to our client portal.  At this point, you should have a selection of approximately 100-150 images that you may choose from and use as is.  The price for this is $350.

We hope that some of the pictures wow you so much, you’d like more advanced editing, which can be touch up of flaws, color effects, or we can provide your own watermarks showing your name, website, phone number.  We would love to do this for you, each block of 10 selected photographs for $100.

If you would like a shorter or longer session or if you have special requests, just ask and we can provide custom pricing as needed.